Cold Handling

Protection from Cold EN511
a) Resistance to convection cold 0-4
b) Resistance to contact cold 0-4
c) Permeability to water 0-1

Chemical and Micro-Organism EN374
EN374-2 Resistance to penetration by micro-organisms.
Referred to as acceptable quality level (AQL) 1-3
EN374-3 Resistance to chemical hazards 1-6

Mechanical Hazards EN388
a) Resistance to abrasion 0-4
b) Blade cut resistance 0-5
c) Tear resistance 0-4
d) Puncture resistance 0-4

For Minimal Risk Only
Gloves of simple design offer protection from low level risks, e.g. janitorial gloves.
Manufacturers are permitted to test and self-certify the gloves themselves.

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