Cut Resistant

Mechanical Hazards EN388
a) Resistance to abrasion 0-4
b) Blade cut resistance 0-5
c) Tear resistance 0-4
d) Puncture resistance 0-4

Thermal Hazards (heat and/or fire) EN407
a) Burning behavior 0-4
b) Contact heat 0-4
c) Convection heat 0-4
d) Radiant heat 0-4
e) Small splashes of molten metal 0-4
f) Large splashes of molten metal 0-4

Food Contact
Product is made from food approved ingredients.
Migration testing is performed to ensure that the article in contact with food meets the required standards.
If both of these criteria are met, the food contact symbol can be applied to the glove and/or packaging.

Dyneema Technology
Applying Dyneema technology in a lightweight glove can boost cut performance levels.
It requires no compromise on comfort, tactility performance and better durability.
For heavy duty applications , combining Dyneema technology with glass fibre or steel wire will boost performance levels even further.

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