General Use

Mechanical Hazards EN388
a) Resistance to abrasion 0-4
b) Blade cut resistance 0-5
c) Tear Resistance 0-4
d) Puncture resistance 0-4

Anti-Static EN1149
protective clothing – Electrostatic Properties

EN1149-1 Protective clothing – electrostatic properties.
Part 1: Test method for measurement of surface resistivity.
This is resistance in ohms along the surface of the material.

EN1149-3 Protective clothing – Electrostatic properties
Part 3: Test methods for measurements of charge decay

EN1149-5 Protective clothing – electrostatic properties
Material performance and design requirements.
Gives the pass requirements as 2.5 x 10^9 (for part 1) and t 500.2 (for part three).
t50 is the half decay time and s is the shielding factor. you can use either part 1 or 3 to pass

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